• Steven Heller

Car Kulture

These days, if a car is not loaded with touch-panel controls, push-button ignition, GPS, telephone and entertainment system, even though it may get 100 mpg, it’s a loser. The more gadgets the greater its value. Steven M. Johnson, the brilliant futurist, inventor and cartoonist, started Patent Depending Press to publish his visions of a better (or rather alternative) universe. His latest book, Patent Depending: Vehicles “explores the collision and collusion of vehicles, power and needs.” In other words, if you can think of any practical purpose for a vehicle that may appear absurd on the surface, Johnson has figured out how to visualize it. With a major grant from Russian oligarchs, he might even be able to realize them too.

So, while we wait for the world’s richest to realize Johnson’s genius, here are a few of the wouldn’t-it-be-nice solutions to some of our wants and needs.

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