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Chugging Along on The Italia Graffiti Train

The other day I took a train from Siena to Badass, Italy (well, actually it is Badesse, Italia). If you miss the graffiti on trains in the U.S. there is plenty to fill the gap on the Italian rails. Here is my visual diary. And here are more on Beautiful Decay.

Sometimes the trains run on time, sometimes its like waiting for paint to dry. But the wait is always worth it.

There is nothing like symmetry to ease a worried mind. But this train offered something a bit off kilter too.

What I didn't see from the entry side was that all the windows on the verso side of every car were packed with train writing and the interiors looked like this.

Only after exiting did I notice that every car and each window was painted with 70s era graffiti.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that the train company encouraged this public art.

Maybe the name of the town had something to do with it. . . Then again, maybe not.

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