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Cinvergüensa Tostadería de Confianza Invites You To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Life

Devoted to an ethos of living life without shame, pretenses, and fussiness, restaurant Cinvergüensa, located in northern Michoacan, Mexico. Informal and unafraid to be politically correct, the brand is playful and irreverent and believes the best moments in life are those spent among friends and family.

From Mingo Estudio:

"Cinvergüensa is defined as a gastronomically influenced roaster of sausages from the northern gate of the state of Michoacán, (La Piedad) and coastal food, or enramada.

Cinvergüensa arises from experiences, moments and experiences. These experiences are implicit in the essence of the place, hence the name, as it is a declaration of a genuine attitude towards life.

Cinvergüensa is for those who are looking for an informal and carefree environment, a place where they can enjoy something practical and delicious, in an environment that makes them feel like one of the compass. Without any pretense or formality, Cinvergüensa is not afraid of being politically incorrect, it has a carefree and cheerful soul. Celebrate the bliss of ordinary moments with friends and family in a space where being yourself is your best quality. "Enjoy the pleasures of life shamelessly"

Dirección de Arte: Mingo Estudio

Fotografía: Mingo Estudio

Más información: sayhello@mingoestudio.mx