• Steven Heller

Coding In and Out of the Kitchen

Every week at a kitchen table in Brooklyn, coders Amit Pitaru, David Nolan, Jeff Crouse, and Ted Hayes host a salon/workshop called Kitchen Table Coders, bringing together a small group of people to discuss and study one subject at a time:

Every week we host a workshop on a topic we’re passionate about. We keep it down to 5 people because that’s how many fit around our kitchen table. There’s no projector. We just hang out for the day, and enjoy a collaborative learning experience.

This August, the New Museum in New York will host Kitchen Table Coders Presents: Learn to Code from an Artist. This is a two-part event: on August 18, there will be a panel discussion, following the next day by a workshop exploring the practice of teaching and utilizing code in an artistic context. Both events will take place in the New Museum Theater. Read more about the Kitchen Table Coders here.

. Also see the HOW University workshops Coding for Designers: HTML and CSS and Coding for Designers: JavaScript and jQuery, or download Patrick McNeil’s presentation on Web Design for Beginners.

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