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Colbert Fairey Nation

Shepard Fairey’s latest poster celebrates Stephen Colbert’s most recent attempt to rule the world. The poster, which Mr. Colbert has made available on his website, is titled “Vancouver 2010: Defeat the World,” and depicts the faux conservative news commentator wearing laurels and wielding an Olympic torch while riding a giant bald eagle (rendered in Fairey’s heroic style). Contrary to the brouhaha over the Obama poster, however, Fairey received permission to use this image of Colbert. Phew! (We’re still checking on the eagle.)

On his website, Colbert exhorts people to “help spread the word about his historic visit to Canada,” download the Fairey poster, and “post it all over Vancouver!”

See Colbert’s interview with the School of Visual Arts’ David Ross about the devolution of Olympics posters here.