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Connecting with Archetypes

AT&T has done a great job recently by shifting their brand archetype from “Ruler” to “Seeker.” According to

Focusing in on a specific archetype is one of the best ways to brand a product across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Prior to Dos Equis’ launch of the extremely popular “Most Interesting Man in the World,” modeled after perhaps the “Adventurer” archetype,  known as an “intrepid traveler whose quest for meaning is characterized by bold, dynamic, risky and adrenaline-charged challenges.” Their ads espoused the “Companion” archetype, a trusted support who can be relied upon to lend a helping hand.”

AT&T has also benefitted from the new “It’s Not Complicated” campaign since it began last November. Says Ted Marzilli of BrandIndex in Forbes, “Ad-awareness which stood  at 37% at the beginning March,  rose over the course of the month peaking at 49% on March 25th. Similarly purchase consideration, which asks consumers whether they would consider buying from AT&T, was up 5 percentage points for the month, from 22% on March 1 to a peak of 27% on March 30.”

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