• Steven Heller

Corporate Identity, Pure But Not Simple

What’s a designer good for? could be the title of an R&B tune. But it’s also a question that used to be asked in the dark ages before designers became storytellers, strategists, entrepreneurs and generally essential members of the capitalist system.

Daily Heller sleuth Jeff Roth recently found this 1960 volume produced for the upper-middle echelons of corporate America—A Management Guide to Public Relations: Developing the Corporate Image, compiled and edited by Lee M. Bristol Jr., the director of PR at Bristol-Myers Products Division. You may not know him, and you may not know all the other contributors to this book published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, but they have a lot to say about how to develop a corporate personality, manage an image, promote an image among employees and stockholders and otherwise do in the early era of corporate image what many brand strategists do today.

Here is one especially interesting guide to the face of the image. As we celebrate this July 4 and hope that the American way will continue to be an American way, we share this blueprint by Peter Schladermundt.

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