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Give Earth A Chance

Max Slavkin, cofounder and CEO of CAN (Creative Action Network), recently told me about the “launch of our newest, biggest campaign yet – The Green New Deal! We launched with a pop-up last week in DC at an event with Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, and more, and this weekend in Oakland, connected with some of the youth activists who confronted Senator Feinstein who are submitting designs as well. The designs so far are amazing, and we’re so excited to be joining this early, important movement.”

Lisa Vollrath

Taking a page from FDR’s Works Progress Administration, “The Green New Deal” is a set of economic stimulus proposals in the U.S. that offer solutions for climate change, economic inequality and other challenges facing our country today. The phrase ‘Green New Deal’ is taken from the original New Deal, referring to the social and economic reforms and public works projects brought forth by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to address the Great Depression in 1930s and 1940s America. With this campaign we seek to give a creative voice to the Green New Deal movement and the artists behind it, just as the original WPA Federal Art Project prints helped visually shape the New Deal and put hundreds of artists back to work during a very difficult time in our nation’s history.”

Anyone can submit design as posters to Creative Action Network that will fund the Sunshine Movement. Go here.

Jordan Johnson

James McInvale

Liza Donovan

Josh DeWare

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