• Steven Heller

What’s A Dollar Worth These Days?

For Richard Wilde, founder and chair of the BFA Design department and chair of the BFA Advertising department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, a dollar bill is priceless. These Federal Reserve notes were transformed from simply one hundred cents (which can buy five bananas on the corner of 23rd Street and Second Avenue) into an invaluable learning experience. Dollars are teaching aids in the many conceptualizing design classes has taught for five decades to sophomores and among the scores of exercises that he and wife, Judith Wilde, present in their books Problems Solutions: Visual Thinking for Graphic Communicators, Visual Literacy; A Conceptual Approach to Graphic Problem Solving and The Process: A New Foundation in Art and Design.

So, if anyone asks you to borrow a few bucks, first clue them in to these “Wildely” imaginative, student conceived conceptual dollars. Then tell them that money is the root of all conceptual thinking.

Alex Angel.

Alex Angel.

Danhua Xiong.

Chihao Chang

Justin Sager.

Justin Sager.

Ludi Sun.

Ludi Sun.

Mengyi Zhuo.

Min Han.

Briana Difelice.

Briana Difelice.

Marko (Charle) Luardo.

Jaeyou Chung.

Olivia Cuilson.

Alexis Rosenbach.

Diana Suarez.

Eve Rye Holmer.

Joung Hyun Choi.

Julie Kang.

Lauren Hickey.

Regina Kusnir.

Rubin Kim.

Saul Ah Lee.

Maria Gomez.

JK McCaddon.



Ruoyue (Natalie) Bai.