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Creativity + Commerce

Do you have what it takes?

Creativity + Commerce showcases outstanding business-focused print and interactive design from around the world. This highly selective competition features the best branding campaigns, websites, advertising, corporate brochures, annual reports, identity systems, packaging, catalogs, motion graphics, and signage produced to communicate with a company’s audience, investors, employees, or the public at large.

Selected winners will be displayed in a special section in the October 2012 issue of Print.

What’s in It for You

Selected winning entries will be showcased in the October 2012 issue of Print. An honorable mention will be given to the entry that demonstrates the most ecologically sound design. To qualify for this special award, please include information about the sustainability of your materials and process in the space marked “Description of Entry.”


Advertising Branding Campaigns Corporate Brochures Direct Mail Pieces In-house Employee Publications Logos Media Kits Newsletters Packaging Product Catalogs Quarterlies Signage


INTERACTIVE/MOTION GRAPHICS: Websites Web Banners, Interstitials, Animations Motion Graphics DVDs Interactive Interfaces (Kiosks, PDAs, etc.)

How to Send It

1. You may submit up to 10 digital photos per entry. If your work is selected as a finalist you may be asked to send a sample.

2. Enter by mail using the downloadable entry form. If you enter via this method: A) attach a completed form to the back of each item submitted. Make two copies of each completed entry coupon, so that you have three in all—one original and two copies—for each entry. Include the other two copies with your payment, if you are not paying online. Please indicate what the entry is, or its purpose, in a few sentences, on the form. For all entries, state the nature of the client’s business. Entries cannot be returned.

B) If you are submitting a digital piece, such as packaging, billboard or signage entries, please print out a storyboard of the piece and tape it to the Mac-formatted CD. Please label CD’s with entry name.

C) For Print Graphics please send the actual printed piece, unmounted, but well protected. Slides or transparencies should be submitted only for oversized work such as signage.

For Interactive /Motion Graphics send the following:

Websites – URL or Mac-formatted.

CD or DVD Web Banners, Interstitials, Animations – color printouts of screen grabs and Mac-formatted CD or DVD.

Motion Graphics/TV Commercials – Mac-formatted CD or DVD.

Interactive Interfaces – Mac-formatted CD or DVD

D) Please make credits and descriptions as complete as possible. For symbol and logo entries in particular, state the nature of the client’s business.

Where to Send Offline Entries

Print’s Creativity + Commerce

Competitions Department 4700 East Galbraith Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 USA

For those not paying online, the entry fee and two copies of each coupon must be enclosed with each package of entries.

Who’ll Review It

The work will be judged by a panel of designers who specialize in corporate graphics.

What It Costs

An entry fee of $65 must be submitted with each single entry. Projects in which multiple pieces are part of a single program will require a $90 fee.

Make checks payable to: F+W Media, Inc.

How to Find Out More

Questions concerning Print’s Creativity + Commerce competition should be directed to 715.445.4612, ext. 13430, or to printcomp@fwmedia.com.

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