• Steven Heller

D.I.Y. 1928

The Russia Cement Co., manufacturers of LePage’s Glue in Gloucester, Mass., was known for publishing craft books. “Over a million women have bought LePage’s Craft Books, which have shown them how to make useful, practical, attractive gifts with the help of LePage’s Glue — the money-saving, handy mender.”

Craft Creations helped the housewife transform the commonplace into the extraordinary. “You will find in making these articles that your handiest tool is your old mending friend LePage’s Glue.” In those days products were not just brands, they were “friends.”

Shown here are ways of antiquing, applying aluminum leaf, and other decoupage details to foot stools, cupboards, desk sets, book shelves, mirror frames, clothes hampers, boudoir boxes, kitchen spice shelves, serving trays and card tables. There is even a bench affixed with a map of New York City.

LePage’s was essential to the modern home, even though the packaging was very nineteenth century.

“More than one woman has written, ‘I do not know how I could keep house without LePage’s.'”

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