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Data Visualization: How to Create Infographics

Not only are infographics quickly becoming a staple of online media and graphic design, the ability to create them is becoming a requisite skill for anyone involved in design and social media. With the right information and presentation, a good infographic can quickly go viral. Learn how to present data beautifully in an easily-digestible format.

If you want to learn how to create infographics, the Data Visualization course from HOW Design University is an excellent way to start.

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Instructor Genevieve Williams will guide you through the process of creating infographics, including the best way to convey a large amount of information in a small space. She’ll help you create compelling-looking infographics that are accessible to a broad audience.

In her three-week course, you’ll learn all about this glyph form of communication and how to use it to the greatest effect.

The primary objective of the Data Visualization course is to learn to collect, analyze, compute and display data. You will learn how infographics can tell stories and build compelling information narratives that communicate beautifully and effectively.

If you’re interested in data visualization or you have an idea for an infographic but don’t know where to begin, this course is the perfect way to get started. With a broad range of in-depth material, this course is also ideal for veteran designers who want to refresh their skills or update their knowledge of the software used to create infographics. Even small business owners can benefit from the lessons in this course.

Not only will you learn how to create infographics, you’ll also review data visualization trends and the designers who are producing the most successful infographics. You’ll explore a variety of charting methods that will help you determine the best presentation for your data, and you’ll learn how to incorporate those charts into your own designs.

Once you’ve created an infographic, you’ll receive constructive feedback on your design that will help you perfect your data visualization skills.

Register for Data Visualization today and learn how to create infographics that are beautiful and effective.

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