• Chloe Gordon

David Hockney’s Latest Work Brings a Message of Hope To Digital Billboards Around The Globe

David Hockney is one of the last renaissance personalities, with his skills in painting, printmaking, and photography making him a revolutionary contributor to the pop art movement of the 1960s.

The renowned artist recently created a new work in his signature style featuring a digital sunrise intended to be shown at dusk via screens across the globe. In a synchronized act, he displayed the piece on prominent billboards, including New York’s Times Square and Tokyo’s Yunika Vision.

The irony is not lost in the sunrise going on display at sunset, but in a time of darkness, it’s fascinating to focus on the light of what’s around the corner. And, there's nothing wrong with zhushing a few billboards up. It’s almost a poetic performance to think about the beginning of light through art while literal light is coming to a day’s end. It’s profound and further proves that art can be both an outlet from reality and reflective too.

Almost all of Hockney’s art is imaginative, nature-inspired, bright, and full of vibrancy, and this piece is no different, even though the medium might be. The Digital Sunrise was unveiled on London’s famed Piccadilly Lights on 1 May at 20:21 BST.