• Hannah Sitzer

Dekotora ("Decoration Trucks") — Inspiring More Family Visits

They’re dekotora (“decoration trucks”) and they are “driving” me crazy with ideas. I don’t know what I will be making but it is going to be really shiny. Maybe I’m just getting inspired to go to Japan and see them in the flesh so to speak…

Photo by Satoshi Minakawa

Photo by Satoshi Minakawa

Photo by Satoshi Minakawa

The more photos I find, the more I am reminded of the holiday lawn ornament competitions in my hometown, so over the top and you want to look away but you can’t because you find them secretly fabulous.

Check out this intro to one of the Torakku Yaro (Trucker) movies, the 10-part series released by Toei in the late ’70s that spawned Japan’s dekotora boom.

Photo by Satoshi Minakawa

Also slightly reminiscent of Transformers, I think I have found my new and very affordable hobby….

I stumbled across these gems when daydreaming about how to get started:

I was then led to:

Westfalia Verdier Hybrid & Solar Powered Camper

I was recently told that men are attracted to women who dress like fishing lures. I found this to be a hysterical comment but then realized that I too am drawn to all things shiny, blinky and gadgety, so maybe it is just humans in general, and fish. It seems fairly ridiculous, so really perfect for me, great for lugging all of these props around and no camping reservations needed. Most of all, I believe it will ensure more visits to the parentals without the issue of “family crowding”.

A girl can dream.

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