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Designers, Design Books, and More

Steve Kroeter, the tireless force behind the ever-expanding Designers & Books website (featuring 119 designers and their 1,451 favorite books), had a dream. Simply put, he wanted to organize an event where a broad swath of design publishing could be discussed on creative and business levels. I’ve been a keen supporter, not just because we share the same first name, but rather because his excitement is unmatched, as is his ability to stir the pot. So in addition to a lively forum for discussion of design-lit, there will be many activities that may trigger your own excitement. Check out these events. If you are in New York over the weekend of Oct 26–28, visit the fair (and if you have extra time on your hands, stay for the Halloween Parade.)

Designers & Books are excited to be hosting the first-ever book fair in New York City, October 26–28, to focus on architecture and design book publishing—bringing to you live the two topics that we are passionate about: designers (including architects, and graphic, fashion, interior, landscape, product, and urban designers) and the books that inspire them. This landmark event will include programs featuring leading figures in the design world; publishers, booksellers, and rare book dealers displaying and selling design books; demonstrations of book arts; authors signing their newest books; and more.

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