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Damn Good Design Books

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Midsummer is the perfect time for a good read. I’ve been hunting around for some good design books to occupy my spare time, and I ended up finding the perfect ones in Damn Good and Inspirability.

The best part is, I got both of them for $60 off when I ordered them in the Damn Good Design Inspiration value pack from MyDesignShop.com. The total retail value of these books is $69.99, but for a limited time, they’re being offered as a bundle for only $9.99.

Interested? I’ve pulled out a couple of excerpts from the design books below:

Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects

By Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam

A brief excerpt from the introduction to Damn Good:

Everyone has their favorites. Favorite TV shows, favorite colors, favorite sweatpants. But for designers of all stripes, the term favorite can also bleed into our projects. Even though we’re often working alongside (and at the behest of) others, this craft ends up tugging at our emotions. The work we do sometimes take on special meaning, and over the course of a career, any designer worth her salt can easily rattle off her all-time favorite projects. That’s what this book is all about. Not just the best looking, highest profile, or smartest work strategically—but a combination of all those factors coalescing into the nebulous designation of favorite. That hard-to-measure factor is the foundation of [this book]… Of course, there still might be a question lingering in the frontal lobe of your cerebrum: What makes a piece of design “damn good?” Our attempt to answer that question is at the heart of this book. In selecting work for inclusion in Damn Good, we focused on a couple of specific ingredients that breed favorite work—passion and inspiration.

Inspirability: 40 Top Designers Speak Out About What Inspires

By Matthew Pashkow

Here are a few sample pages featuring a biography about and questionnaire filled out by designer Ann Field in Inspirability:

Intrigued? Get both design books for $60 off their retail value in the Damn Good Design Inspiration value pack from MyDesignShop.com

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