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Design Entrepreneur 101: Vit and Gomez-Palacio at HOW Design Live

If you want to have an “Alternative Design Career”—run your own studio, do your own thing, call all the shots—you’ve got to have chutzpah. And if anyone can teach you about that particular aspect of the design endeavor, it’s Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, who will be speaking on the subject at the HOW Design Live Conference in Boston. Sign up here, and don’t forget about the 10 percent discount you can get when you register and use the PRNT12 discount code (more info on that below).

Armin Vit

What does chutzpah sound like? It sounds like this: I’m going to quit my job at Pentagram—at Pentagram, working with Michael Bierut—and my wife and I are going to move from New York to Austin, where we’re going to run an incredibly successful design biz juggernaut, including a design firm, blogs, and conferences, from our house. We’re going to publish several books, one of them an on-demand customized children’s tale, and launch some design competitions. That’s chutzpah—and this duo has it in spades. They’ve been happily thriving in their work as designers and design entrepreneurs. Register for the conference and get the download directly from them. 

Bryony Gomez-Palacio

The Print team always knew that Vit had some serious talent. When Vit bested Brian Collins, DJ Stout, and Cheryl Towler Weese in an improv design competition—as we described in our HOW preview on Collins—we saw the guy had design chops to spare. Vit and Gomez-Palacio are an entertaining duo who know how to put on a good show, and we’re sure they’ve got an inspiring and entertaining rouser that’s sure to give you some chutzpah of your own. If you ever wanted to quit your day job to focus on the things you dream of—or if you already have but need the juice to get to the next level—their talk is just what the doctor ordered. Delay no longer. Sign up now.

And don’t forget that Vit is giving the inside scoop on making killer logos and identities. He’s crafted some beautiful specimens of his own and runs a blog about brand identity; he’s the man for the job.

The discount code PRNT12 is good for 10 percent off the regular individual full conference rates for HOW Design Conference, InHOWse Managers Conference, The Dieline Package Design Conference, or Creative Freelancer Conference. It cannot be combined with other discount offers.