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Mystery Box Giveaway in Celebration of the RDA

You might not have known this about your dear old friends at PRINT, but we’re all about reveling in the unknown. That’s why every year while the Regional Design Annual’s esteemed panel of judges deliberates over who will represent the country’s top talent, we relish the mystery of it all: Which up-and-coming art director will make a name for herself this year? Which designer will surprise us with his work? Who will represent the best of the Midwest? Of the South? Of the Far West?

Until all deliberation is over, it remains a mystery.

Click here to enter this giveaway. No purchase necessary.

Inspired by the excitement of the unknown, we’ve decided to host a design giveaway and mail five mystery boxes to five lucky winners. Each box contains a medley of items you’ll be delighted to acquire, including surprises from RDA judges past and present, like Gail Anderson, Alexander Isley, Jennifer Morla and Ann Willoughby. What do we mean by “surprises”? Well, we’re not about to completely ruin the mystery, but we’ll share just a few examples of things one could possibly find in a mystery box:

You Might Find Graphic Design Books

… like Gail Anderson’s recent release, Outside the Box: Hand-Drawn Packaging from Around the World.

You Might Find Graphic Design Posters

… like this one designed by Sagi Haviv for PRINT magazine. [Haviv is a keynote speaker at HOW Design Live in Atlanta, May 19–23.]

You Might Find Interesting Postcards

… like this collection of 100 postcards by 10 artists, or perhaps a vintage postcard from some region of the U.S.

Click here to enter this giveaway. No purchase necessary.

And while you’re waiting to find out whether you’re the fortunate recipient of a mystery box, remember to enter your work today for a chance to be spotlighted in the pages of our milestone RDA issue. As the only comprehensive survey of U.S. design by region, tens of thousands of art directors, studios and creative professionals look to the RDA every year to find the country’s top talent. RDA deadline: April 1

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