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Design Inspiration: The Most Reproduced Image in the World

Tretchikoff worked as an art director and cartoonist. It wasn’t until 1950 that he painted Chinese Girl, although she was the second iteration of his theme. His art was far from considered exceptional. In fact, during his lifetime, he was called the “King of Kitsch.” He did, however, earn international exposure when he was commissioned by IBM’s CEO Tom Watson to represent Malaya in an international art exhibition in 1937.

CNN’s Bryony Jones covered the auction story referring to Chinese Girl as th “‘Mona Lisa’ of kitsch” in her headline. Her interview with the the model, Monika Pon, who was a teenager at the time and had only recently been discovered after 60 years, was telling:

“My uncle had a laundry and I worked in the office. Tretchikoff used to pop in there every second week or so. He said to me, ‘Hello… I’m Tretchikoff… I would like to paint you, would you like to sit for me?” “He wasn’t famous. People hardly knew him,” she said, adding that she was no fan of the finished work: “Ugh, green face… Why is my face green?”

It wa perhaps that green face that caught the world’s eye. Art, or perhaps the kitsch buyer, can be fickle.

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