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Weekend Heller: Lustig Cards, Travel Porn, Recovering Classics

New Directions, the publisher for who Alvin Lustig produced many covers, is coming out with new editions of IN THE AMERICAN GRAIN, THE PRINCESS OF CLEVES, or SEASON IN  HELL. In conjunction they are also offing a box of 50 postcards with covers of some of Lustig’s most interesting works. Order here.

Traveling Design

David Levine (not the caricaturist) has spent years building a virtual online gallery. “I’ve created it to display and share the best items in my collection of 1920s and 1930s travel-related ephemera,” he says. “It is not my whole collection, just a portion.”

Travel brochure “Hsinking,” 1936. Published by the Directorate of the South Manchuria Railway.

Everything on this website is original. The materials are not reproductions. Disappointingly, nothing on this website is for sale; it’s purely an online gallery. “And, despite the many emails I receive, this website is not a travel agency, a graphic design firm, a map service or a freight shipping company.” But you can sit in the privacy of your home and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy here and here.

Travel brochure “Tours to the USSR 1932.” Published by Intourist. Signed “A. Salensky ’31.”

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Aaron Perry-Zucker, of Design for Obama fame,  is launching a new project on May 27, called “Recovering the Classics.” “In a nutshell,” he says, “we’re asking artists and designers to make new covers for 50 classic books [in] the public domain. All books and covers will be available as ebooks and as physical books (printed on demand) by the Harvard book store.”

The site is here. And here are some of their first covers.

Mao Gorilla

Rick Meyerowitz, whose Mona Gorilla is one of the classic National Lampoon covers, along with “If You Don’t Buy This Magazine, We’ll Kill This Dog,” on May 18, will be lampooning it up in China with classes and a retrospective of his hilarious work in Beijing at the School of New Media Art and Design at Beihang University.

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