• Rudy Sanchez

Designer Leta Sobierajski and DanCassab Collaborate on a Bold Leather Accessory Collection

Now that the slow-drip of vaccines are starting to make their rounds to the general population and the weather is getting warmer, it might be time for some straight peacocking. And that means you're going to need to do some accessorizing.

Combining bold patterns and premium leather, the latest DanCassab x Leta Sobierajski collaboration is a year in the making. The new, handmade bag line found inspiration in the ways Leta likes to toat her essentials and belongings. Additionally, the designs are bold and gender-neutral.

The leather bag collection features three patterns by Leta Sobierajski—Blob, Bolt, and Protozoa—with the latter launching later this year. The organic flow and sharp edges of Sobierajski's graphics scale well from small coin holders to large totes. Blob and Bolt can also get layered with each other and other patterns, colors, and textures in an ensemble. Daniela Cassab’s expert leather making involved testing dyes and metallic screenprinting to capture the intricacies of the graphics. The resulting combination of DanCassab’s 60s rock n’ roll influences with Sobierajski's postmodernism/maximalist-inspired designs results in a fun, striking, and stylish collection.

Working together, both designers mentioned that bringing the project from ideation to production served as a source of hope and catharsis, providing a purpose and sense of peace amidst all the unpredictability and chaos-fueled sense of doom that hanged over 2020.

The Leta Sobierajski x DanCassab collection is available now at DanCassab.com.