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Dissent in Qatar

Tomorrow, the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar opens the exhibition “The Design of Dissent” curated by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic. It will run from February 3 through March 7. Qatar is a unique venue for this kind of exhibit, so hats are off to the organizers for taking the step.

As noted on the VCU/Qatar Facebook page: “Graphic designers spend a good deal of their time persuading people to buy things, visit events, or to follow trends because they supposedly understand the nature of persuasion. Many of us feel that this skill can be applied to more significant purposes, such as commenting on the events of our time. Speaking out against tyranny has been one of the political roles that graphic artists have embraced throughout history … Many artists chose to comment on the political events of their time … Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of concerned graphic designers are involved in resisting the totalitarian impulses of governments and other powerful institutions. We decided to document some of the graphic designers active today who have expressed their concern about injustice through the use of posters and other printed materials … It’s encouraging to see how many practicing designers are committed to an idea of social intervention and are using their skills to promote public good.”

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Qatar, the exhibition opens at 6pm in the VCU Atrium and will include a lecture by Mirko Ilic (the DH’s erstwhile roving correspondent). You can read more about the book and Glaser on PBS’s NOW here.