• Steven Heller

Dr. Hans Sachs’ Posters for Sale

The recent discovery of lost Nazi looted Modern masterpieces, has brought Hitler’s criminal art activities back to the forefront. Dr. Hans Sachs, poster collector, editor of Das Plakat, the magazine that advocated for standards of early German advertising art, and whose his vast collection was confiscated by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, narrowly escaped the Holocaust. Recently, after years of court wrangling, his holdings, many of which were in major German collections, were returned to his family. Sachs posters are now being sold in auction.

We’re now pleased to announce that the second auction, the Dr. Hans Sachs Poster Collection, Part II, will be held on November 22, 23 and 24. Like the first event, it will be held live in New York City while absentee bidders can either submit written bids, bid on the telephone or participate in “real time” on proxibid.com or liveauctioneers.com.

Das Plakat was launched in 1910 as the official publication of the Verein der Plakat Freunde (The Society for Friends of the Poster) founded in 1905 to advocate poster collecting and increase scholarship. The society was one of a number of collectors’ groups based in Europe, but the magazine was a unique entity that during its comparatively short span (1910 to 1921) raised theretofore unexplored aesthetic, cultural, and legal issues about posters and graphic design. In addition to surveying the most significant German (and ultimately international) work concerns about plagiarism and originality, art in the service of commerce, and the art of politics were frequently addressed. Sachs’ poster holdings covered all these areas of study and interest.

Competition for Designers Our sister publication, HOW magazine, has extended the deadline for the HOW Poster Design Awards until December 2. Enter your poster design today.

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