• Steven Heller

Drawing Is Thinking and Making and Thinking Again

Drawing is a process whereby thoughts are transformed into doodles, glyphs, or tableau. We’ve read and heard about how drawing is an atrophying skill. And yet there are more graphic novels published and more hand-lettering rendered these days than ever before. Now there is a 560-page design textbook that is not a graphic novel, but written, so to speak, all in drawings—wonderful little sketches and delightful little marks—that teach perspective and much more.

Helmut Lortz / Denkzettel was edited by Armin Lindauer, of the University of Applied Sciences Manheim’s design department. “In German,” Lindauer says in answer to my unasked question, “the word ‘Denkzettel’ is ambiguous: 1. A little sheet of paper where you make notices; 2. Object lesson, one in the eye; Come down very heavily on!”

Helmut Lortz, a teacher, illustrator, and graphic designer, designed many book covers, illustrations, posters, calendars, signs, and stamps. He also published a long series of books with playful and analytical sketches and drawings, collected in this volume. Lortz was a beloved teacher, and Lindauer was one of his adoring students.

Perspectives by Lortz

Boxes and shadows

Landscapes and more

Still life and nudes

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