• Steven Heller

Dwarfed by Magazines (and Shopping Bags)

I met more than my match last week in Munich. German editorial designer Horst Moser is a magazine fanatic and dreamer. The former is apparent from the photos below of his massive warehouse stocked with magazines and newspapers, the latter is his desire to transform the chaos into the House of Magazines, wherein he will have continually changing exhibitions and accessible archives.

A group of us visited his warehouse situated in Munich next to a 19th-century malt oven (for making beer), and even the veteran collectors among us were unhinged by the sight before our eyes. Name the magazine and it was there, often full or bound runs. There were also design history treasures among them. With the thousands in this 10,000 square foot space, the best were at his design office 10 minutes away.

Before leaving the warehouse for the office we double-checked to make sure no one was buried under the stacks. There seemed to be no bones left from previous visits, but I left feeling dwarfed by this level of passion and obsession.

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