• Steven Heller

Warn and Cover

When I was a kid, nuclear attack was the gravest fear. Every two weeks the air raid sirens blared and my class and I were ordered to “Duck and Cover.” Obviously, that wasn’t even helpful if a small bomb exploded in the schoolyard, no less a megaton device.

On the radio this morning I heard about NYC Board of Education’s precautions for Ebola, a list of practical procedures. Scary as the prospect of the virus is, I’m not sure that “going to the school nurse” if a child has symptoms is the best solution. In any case, I’ve been researching some of the posters and graphics used to caution and warn about the virus.

Thankfully, they are not alarmist, but I wonder whether they should be on a higher level than the Choking Posters. The answer: Awareness at every level of literacy. Here are a few, starting with the CDC facts poster.

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