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Election Day Memories

It’s hard to believe that Election Day 2008 is finally upon us. The logos below, including candidates who were once shoo-ins, others who were might-have-beens, and still others who never-have-been-nor-will-be (who in tarnation is Duncan Hunter?) serve as a reminder of all the hub and hubbub of the past 18 months.

It is sobering to note that from the first category, the once-apparent-shoo-in Hillary Clinton was not the first almost-was woman candidate for president of the United States. Belva Ann Lockwood (above) ran for the highest office in 1884 and 1888 (before women even had the right to vote). Lockwood was a follower of women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony of silver dollar fame and the second woman, after Victoria Woodhull, to run on the National Equal Rights Party ticket. Although she received a number of votes, they were never counted. Supporters had seen ballots destroyed and called upon Congress to investigate voter fraud. Lockwood lost the elections but successfully practiced law for 43 years.