• Steven Heller

Flattery or Felony?

From time to time the Daily Heller self-righteously turns to its Separated at Birth theme to look at the continual behaviors of “borrowing,” “influence,” “copying,” “indulging,” “pilfering” and “replicating.” Ideas are as free as the air but application usually confirms whether someone has committed homage or something less honorable—flattery or felony. On this point Stefan Sagmeister created his image for the School of Visual Arts subway poster series in 2013. This issue of Brazil’s Multticlique #196 with the same concept came out one year later.

Granted, there is nothing exactly new about an octopus wrapping itself around a human being’s face (e.g., ugh and oy), but this raises the legitimate question of whose suckers got there first. Either way, I vote for Sagmeister as first. Incidentally, with a tentacled head he somehow resembles Donald Trump physically and symbolically in this single image. What a puss?!

Creative direction: Stefan Sagmeister. Design: Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh & Santiago Carrasquilla. Photography: Henry Leutwyler. Retouching: Erik Johansson.

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