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Focus on Color: 23 Award-Winning Design Projects Using the Color Green

As spring rolls in, we see more and more of the color green. If you’re a regular PRINT reader, you know that we love green, from its turbulent past and fascinating appearances throughout history.

But we would be remiss if we did not look at some of the latest and greatest applications of the color green in contemporary design. Here we showcase some of the incredible winners of last year’s Regional Design Awards and explore the ways they have leveraged the color green in web design, branding, packaging, publications and more. We were particularly interested to note the increasing use of bright and vivid neon greens used as accents among the winners.

(By the way, if you haven’t yet entered your own work into the Regional Design Awards, now is the time! Enter by the deadline on April 2.)

Award-Winning Design Projects Using the Color Green

1. Commuter Seeding Posters

Imprint Projects; www.imprintprojects.com: Elvira Barriga (creative director), Luiza Dale (art director/designer); Levi’s Commuter (client)

2. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Pentagram; www.pentagram.com: Eddie Opara (creative director/art director/designer), Brankica Harvey, Yo-E Ryou (designers), Erik Christiansen (photographer), Dan Michaels (writer); Chronicle Books (client)

3. Mr. Splitfoot

Strick & Williams; www.strickandwilliams.com: Michaela Sullivan (creative director), Martha Kennedy (art director), Charlotte Strick, Claire Williams (designers); Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (client)

4. Perrier L’Atlas

Mirrorball; www.mirrorball.com: Emil Czarnowski (creative director), Kim Paquet (creative director/ designer), Lucas Benarroch (art director), Jonah Nigro, Tyler Spangler, Ilana Friedman (illustrators), Jeff Meltz, Laura June Kirsch, Sam Cannon (photographers), Carly Pifer (writer); Perrier USA (client)

5. Austin Initiative for Graphic Awesomeness (AI for GA)

Charles S. Anderson Design Co., Minneapolis; www.csadesign.com: Charles S. Anderson (creative director/art director/designer), Jovaney Hollingsworth (designer/illustrator), Erik Johnson (writer); Austin Initiative for Graphic Awesomeness (AI for GA) (client)

6. Boulevardia

Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; www.whiskeydesign.com: Matt Wegerer (creative director/art director/designer), Roberto Camacho, Lauren Bowles (designers), Micah Barta, Josh Munsch (illustrators), Austin Walsh Studio (photography), Drunk Copywriter, Brent Anderson (writers); Boulevardia (client)

7. Turner Technology Branding

DAAKE, Omaha, NB; www.daake.com: Greg Daake (creative director), Jim Buhrman Jr. (art director/illustrator), Katie Jo Huckins (designer), Casey Stokes (3D/motion designer), Tina Stokes (writer), Barnhart Press (printing), Michael Cawcutt, Thad Thomas (web); DAAKE (client)

8. Wright Now Website

Wright, Chicago; www.wright20.com: Richard Wright (creative director), Jennifer Mahanay (art director), Stephanie Di Biase (designer), Mason Kessinger (developer), Todd Simeone (image post-production); Wright Now (client)

9. Ritual Chocolate Packaging

Modern8, Salt Lake City; www.modern8.com: Randall Smith (creative director), Mike Harris (art director/designer), Kent Carollo (designer); Ritual Chocolate (client)

10. The Avett Brothers Township

The Half and Half, Columbia, SC; www.thehalfandhalf.com: The Half and Half (creative direction/art direction/design); The Avett Brothers (client)

11. Copper Horse Rum

The Half and Half, Columbia, SC; www.thehalfandhalf.com: The Half and Half (creative direction/art direction/design); Copper Horse Distilling (client)

12. Habitat for Humanity Brochure

Lewis Communications, Birmingham, AL; www.lewiscommunications.com: Roy Burns III (creative director), David Blumberg (art director/designer), Jeffery Williams, Cary Norton, Bob Miller, Rob Culpepper (photographers), Anthony Vachris (writer); Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham (client)

13. Martín Ramírez USPS Commemorative Stamps

Studio A, Alexandria, VA; www.studioa.com: Bill Gicker (creative director), Antonio Alcalá (art director/designer), Martín Ramírez (illustrator); United States Postal Service (client)

14. The President’s Gala Save the Date

Wier / Stewart, Augusta, GA; www.wierstewart.com: Alex Wier (creative director), Daniel Stewart (art director/designer), Lauren Cowart (designer); Georgia Regents University (client)

15. Vology Brand System

www.spark.us: Gordon Weller (creative director), Nate Carter (art director), Angus Shafer (designer); Vology (client)

16. WordCamp Asheville Branding

Open Door Design Studio, Asheville, NC; www.opendoordesignstudio.com: Shantanu Suman, Marisa Falcigno (creative directors/art directors/designers), Jamie King, Corey Bullman (art directors/designers); WordCamp Asheville (client)

17. Bats of the Republic

Zachary Thomas Dodson, El Paso, TX; www.zachdodson.com: Zachary Thomas Dodson (creative director/art director/ designer); Doubleday (client)

[Read more about this project here.]

18. Animal Activists

Inky Lips Press, McKinney, TX; www.inkylipspress.com: Casey McGarr (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator/writer); Inky Lips Press (client)

“Researching 1950s pulp novels was the inspiration for the typography, layout and writing; the animals’ habitat is slowly disappearing and each one is fighting for a piece of land.”

—Inky Lips Press (02)

19. Candid Camper Logo

Banowetz + Company Inc., Dallas; www.banowetz.com: Leon Banowetz (creative director), Sarah Terrell (art director), Wes Phelan (designer); Candid Camper (client)

20. Met Park Logo

CBRE Property Marketing Center, Houston: Kenneth Weaver (creative director), Jordan Greenwood (art director/designer); Met Park (client)

“We created a yearlong direct mail and social media campaign that highlighted [Mingo’s] many services in a way that was digestible for designers and novices through imaginative art, and a well-timed punchline: ‘And M.I.N.G.O. was its name-o.’”

—Cubic Inc. (24)

21. Mingo Press 2015 M.I.N.G.O. Campaign

Cubic Inc., Tulsa, OK; www.cubiccreative.com: Winston Peraza (creative director), Katy Livingston (art director/designer), Megan Sheperd (art director/writer), Libby Bender (writer); Mingo Press

22. Good Bytes

The Studio of Laura Berglund; www.lauraberglund.com: Laura Berglund (creative director/art director/designer/writer), Daniel Zender (illustrator), Daniel Sky, Michael Chan (photographers), Krystel Abimeri, Jimmy Franchise (writers); Good Bytes (client)

23. Art For Rollins, Volume II

AHOY Studios; www.ahoystudios.com: Connie Koch, Denise Sommer (creative directors/art directors), Scott Brower, Nadine Werjant (designers); Goodman Taft (client)

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