• Steven Heller

When Fortune Was a Sleep Inducement

Leo Lionni was art director of Fortune in 1952 when he produced the oddly titled How to Read Fortune In Bed. It was just one of many content-driven typographic promotions from the master of Century type. Each typeface represents the mood of the sentence or phrase it is set in.

This one tells the story of the evolution of the 1 percent using type as a plot advancing device. The plot being that the wealthy have changed since Fortune magazine started publishing during the Great Depression (selling for the extremely dear price of $1 per copy).

The pages below represent the first portion of the story. The last part asks:

“But how do they read Fortune in bed? [24pt. Horizontal] They don’t, They read it while they’re wide awake. [24 pt. Alert] And then they sleep soundly. [24 pt. Double Snored]

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