• Steven Heller

Candies Against the Axis of Evil

If you were a child in France and received these contraband boxes of candy, you were doing your part to end the Nazi occupation. The treats were included to make certain the next generation was opposed to the Axis and all it stood for.

It is hard to determine where this is going and who gets what from this text on the back of the box, but here is a loose translation:

GIFTS! … You will be among the winners and will receive a superb gift if you send us the entire collection of 32 “Coucou” cards featuring funny drawings. [You also must send us] the names of the two famous friends now separated whose pictures are on two of the cards of the collection. Send us the cards with the answer, along with your names [first and last] and address at MANUFACTURES de SURPRISES ENFANTINES, gift department, Nieppe, Nord. Warning: Start your collection now!

Nieppe, incidentally, is a village 3.5 km northwest of Armentierers, and is the site of an allied cemetery from World War I. It is located in what was called The Military Administration in Belgium and Northern France, an interim occupation authority established by the Nazis. So, it is a mystery whether these boxes were produced by the resistance or not or after the liberation.

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