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From 1930 to 2014: 84 Years of World Cup Posters

This collection of posters from the past 84 years of the World Cup not only embodies each designer’s style but is also a great look back at how these designers, creating a poster for an international event, have captured current trends. The World Cup has been held every four years, except when it was cancelled due to World War II and its aftermath in 1942 and 1946, and is hosted by a different country similar to the Olympics.

Whether you’re a soccer fan, someone who just caught the fever or you still don’t get exactly how ties and points work, anyone can appreciate this look back at the history of the tournament. (The collection sent to us by Jonny Rowntree at Elanders UK, and FIFA originally commissioned the pieces.)

1930 World Cup Poster, Uruguay

1934 World Cup Poster, Italy

1938 World Cup Poster, Paris, France

1950 World Cup Poster, Brazil

1954 World Cup Poster

1958 World Cup Poster, Sweden

1962 World Cup Poster

1966 World Cup Poster, England

1970 World Cup Poster, Mexico

1974 World Cup Poster

1978 World Cup Poster, Argentina

1982 World Cup Poster, Spain

1986 World Cup Poster, Mexico

1990 World Cup Poster, Italy

1994 World Cup Poster

1998 World Cup Poster, France

2002 World Cup Poster, Korea/Japan

2006 World Cup Poster, Germany

2010 World Cup Poster, South Africa

2014 World Cup Poster, Brazil

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