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From Croatia with Deco Love

Otto Antonini (1892–1959) was born in Italy and later moved to Zagreb, Croatia, where he became a popular illustrator. After graduating the Accademia di Belle Arti, he became a designer in the art deco style. The cover comps here, drawn from an exhibition catalog at Muzej grada Zagreba in 2006, are from Svijet (World) from 1926–1932. Antonini was its visual editor and the main illustrator of the illustrated weekly (the first issue of which came out on February 6, 1926). He also founded and edited the satirical Bishop magazine, and under pseudonym Strihnina published acerbic cartoons. He was also known for designing and illustrating postage stamps. (Thanks to our Eastern and Western Europe correspondent, Mirko Ilic.)

The deadline for the Regional Design Awards has been extended, but only until April 30.

Your judges: Sagi Haviv, Rebeca Méndez, Nancy Skolos, Alexander Isley, Chad Michael, Gail Anderson and Justin Peters.

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