• Steven Heller

The Future for the Young

The thing that struck me about a wonderful recent catalog for an exhibition of Russian Futurist art, In Search Of 0,10: The Last Exhibition of Futurist Painting (Foundation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland), edited by Matthew Drutt, is just how young the now-legendary pioneers of early 20th century Avant Garde art really were (and how many of them died early, too) when they exhibited on Dec. 19, 1915, in Petrograd, not far from the Russian Tsar and his family’s Winter Palace. They averaged in the mid-20s and made an impact decades, indeed a century, after this show.

A youthful Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch at the Dada-Messe in Berlin, 1920.

From the website: “To mark the centenary of 0,10, after many years of research the Fondation Beyeler is organizing an exhibition that for the first time reunites most of the works still surviving today from the original show, complemented by others dating from the same epoch. … The guest curator is Matthew Drutt.”

Artists Olga Rozanova (age 29), Xenia Boguslavskaya (age 23) and Kazimir Malevich (age 37) at the 0,10 exhibition.

Announcement for lecture by Malevich and Ivan Puni.

Malevich’s 1915 Red Square (Painterly Realism of a Peasant Woman in Two Dimensions).

Nathan Alatman (age 26).

Partial copy of 0,10 exhibition catalog.

Anna Kirillova (age 29).

Vasily Kamensky, book cover for Nikolai Evreinov, 1917.

Vera Pestel (age 28).

Vera Pestel, Lady With Book, 1915.

Lyubov Popovva (age 26).

Lyubov Popova, Still Life With Fruit, 1915.

Ivan Puni (age 23).

Ivan Puni, Barbershop, 1915.

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