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The Gastrotypographicalassemblage (a real mouthful) was the 11 metre wide handmade wooden typographic wall that hung in the CBS cafeteria in New York designed by Lou Dorfsman, with custom type created by Herb LubalinTom Carnase and containing almost 1500 individual characters.

“There are few pieces that represent the typographic and design spirit that illuminated that moment of history, and certainly none on a scale as ambitious.” – Milton Glaser.

This month an exhibition is presented as part of the London Design Festival, September 18—26) at Kemistry Gallery (43 Charlotte Road, London, England) will celebrate the work of “legendary designer and art director Lou Dorfsman for the CBS network.” Kemistry Gallery has been working directly with the restorers of the wall, Nicholas Fasciano and Rick Anwyl, Executive Director of the Center for Design Study (read more here).

The gallery, reports the director Alasteir Coel, has also obtained over sixty original works for CBS, featuring illustrations from Al Hirschfeld and Milton Glaser. The exhibition will feature these advertising spreads, as well as a half-scale two-dimensional reproduction of the wall.

Now, say Gastrotypographicalassemblage three times fast, without moving your lips.