• Steven Heller

G.B. Shaw’s Tailored Jackets

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Michael Rossum has been printing small collections of design artifacts for “The Closest Friends of Kat Ran Press” for a number of years. His most recent #7 is Designs on Shaw, a sweet little appreciation of interpretations of Shaw’s work.

“I’ve always loved the work of George Bernard Shaw,” writes Rossum in the introduction. “I vividly recall encountering dusty volumes of his works in my grandparents’ home and stealing away to a quiet corner to find out what they were all about.” Sounds sensible … until he notes this: “Wait. That’s a lie. I’ve never read a word of Shaw. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen My Fair Lady all the way through.”

Well, that admission makes me want to read all the way through. Then why should he be interested in the Shaw covers. One reason is coming across Ladislav Sutnar’s “constructivist” style editions. “They’re striking even after eighty-six years.” Which caused him to wonder about other editions. That’s the impetus for this delightful document. Below are some of his collection.

Ladislav Sutnar, 1932.

Ladislav Sutnar, 1932.

Alvin Lustig, 1947.

Hermann Zapf, 1950.

Jan Tschichold, 1951.

Leonard Baskin, 1955.

Saul Bass, 1957.

Germano Faceetti, 1962.

Milton Glaser, 1966.

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