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Get Rid of Brand Baggage at HOW Design Live

We’ve all got our baggage. Designers, clients, even entire companies—no individual or institution is completely free of its own quirks, foibles, habits, and biases. But what about when a brand has baggage? How can designers and marketers do their best work when the brand itself has become stagnant? At HOW Design Live, Angela Bryant and John Nunziato will explore how flagging brands can be shaken up and reinvented. (If you register now, you can get 10 percent off with the discount code PRNT12; more on that below.)

Their session—“Getting Over Your Douche-Bag(gage): Lessons From Summer’s Eve and Other Brands That Have Shed Their Baggage”—promises to be an entertaining, enlightening look at how consumer research can inspire effective brand overhauls. Get your tickets now.

The discount code PRNT12 is good for 10 percent off the regular individual full conference rates for HOW Design Conference, InHOWse Managers Conference, the Dieline Package Design Conference, or Creative Freelancer Conference. It cannot be combined with other discount offers.