• Chloe Gordon

Hamda Al Naimi Reformats The Physical Book From Linear To Non-Linear

Hamda Al Naimi, a multidisciplinary graphic designer, has illustrated STET to redefine the physical book from a linear to non-linear format, much like how the internet functions. Challenging the norm is no small feat, considering that linearly designed paperbacks have been around for centuries. We love the bold, minimal, simple design with splashes of color sprinkled throughout the pages.

Our world has changed. It has evolved drastically since the invention of movable type, and so have we. The internet has reshaped our reading habits from linear to non-linear. The printed book, however, still retains its traditional form, which causes a disconnect between the reader and the ink on paper.​

This gap gave reason for STET to exist. Now STET aims to come up with new forms of the printed book to encourage more people to read print, as well as important subjects like Social Psychology, a subcategory in Humanities books.

Project Credits

Hamda Al Naimi, Illustrator.