• Steven Heller

Happiness is a Warm Cushion

Lizzy Showman and Kathleen Fitzgerald, students in Stefan Sagmeister’s “Touch Someone’s Heart” class at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design, Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program, produced this video feature for CNN’s iReport that touched the hearts of NYC’s M15 bus line commuters. They made seat cushions for all the drivers on the line. AHHHHHHH.

“The NYC M15 bus line in Manhattan is the second busiest route in the U.S., serving over 16.5 million people a year. The life of a M15 bus driver is not always easy, but a thank-you is a start towards a better appreciation for their efforts. As graduate design students at The School of Visual Arts, we wanted to express our gratitude by creating custom designed butt cushions to help soften the ride for M15 Bus Drivers. We also invited customers and bus drivers alike to visit our social network dedicated to the M15 line (iheartm15.com) where people can share their thank-yous and stories about their local bus commutes. Please enjoy the video of our process!”

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