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New Harvard Residence by Kyu Sung Woo

November 16, 2008. In an effort to relieve pressure on the local Cambridge, MA housing market, Harvard University has opened a new 115,000-square-foot student residence designed by local architect Kyu Sung Woo. The dormitory complex comprises 215 beds and 30 suite types, a faculty director’s suite, fitness room, study lounges, a multipurpose room and a garage, as well as additional public open space along the Charles River. The building is a six-story brick box that perches atop a smaller wood-clad box and decorated with the staggered depths of bay windows. To achieve LEED status, the architect used green finishes including regionally-sourced siding with recycled content, renewable bamboo flooring and wall paneling, low-VOC finishes and building systems designed for low energy usage. kswa.com, harvard.edu