• Chloe Gordon

HealthyCo's Identity is the Natural Choice For a Healthy and Sustainable Brand

While health food brands are typically associated with greens, browns, and neutral tones, HealthyCo is going in a different direction.

HealthyCo's branding, designed by Neumeister Design, is pink and blue in all the right ways. With products ranging from Hazelnut Chocolate bars to Blueberry & Raspberry Jam, the brand delivers consumers good-tasting and exciting foods without surrendering to habits, tastes, or high prices.

Each product is packaging in a similarly branded container, yet each item has its own personality. The bold blue type draws you right in, and the deliciously delectable images on the front will have you craving more.

HealthyCo is on a quest to make the world a healthier place and challenges the giants of the food industry. HealthyCo is the natural choice for everybody who wants to live a sustainable and healthy life without having to sacrifice any of the good stuff or compromise on habits, taste, or price. The wise yet rebellious owl, skating through life, has become the symbol for this lifestyle.

Project Credits

Neumeister Design | @neumeisterdesign