• Aaron Kenedi

Hey You! Don't Forget About Haiti

If any good can be said to have come out of the recent disasters in Haiti and Japan, it’s the many humanitarian efforts being organized to help the victims. A few days ago Steve Heller wrote about artists and designers coming together to aid Japanese survivors, and last month designer Mike Perry donated 100% of all sales proceeds, also to Japan. Now Le Sét, a collective of seven New York designers, artists, filmmakers, writers, and photographers, is doing its part to aid Haiti’s earthquake relief efforts.

Photo by Alessandro Simmonetti.

After a week volunteering with healinghaiti.org in Port-Au-Prince, where they taught art to orphans, delivered water, and distributed food, the members of Le Sét (Kareem Black, Wyatt Gallery, Allesandro Simmonetti, Craig Duffney, Eugene Fuller, Adam Reeves, and Jeremy Carrol) were compelled to do even more for the cause. And so, taking a common phrase they heard repeatedly while there, the “Hey You!” project was born.

From the website:

“Hey You!” is what Haitian kids yelled as we traveled through the horrific conditions of post-earthquake Port-Au-Prince. A Creole phrase misappropriated from English, “Hey You!” translates as “Give Me!”  Give me food. Give me water. Give me help. Give me hope. Hey You! Help us help the millions of Haitians still in desperate need of food, water, and shelter.”

Photo by Wyatt Gallery.

Photo by Kareem Black.

Photo by Kareem Black.

Photo by Kareem Black.

Billed as “an artistic response to the January 12th earthquake,” Le Sét member (and creative at the firm Mother) Eugene Fuller, further explained the impetus behind the collaboration: “It was important for all of us to see Haiti for ourselves and capture what resonated the most with each of us individually. I think we were all surprised with what we encountered and what ultimately became the artistic expression.”

While in Haiti, the group documented their journey and created a film that they will screen at a gallery opening (this evening, in fact). They also plan on publishing a book of their work, and urge anyone who can to support the rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

Invite design by Alessandro Simmonetti.

“The mission of Le Sét is to “use our artistic talents to force people to take a new look at the reality of post-earthquake Haiti, with the goal of selling our work to support healinghaiti.org, and inspiring people to get involved in Healing Haiti now.”

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