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Behind the Scenes of The Hollywood Issue: New York

Over the course of three days at the School of Visual Arts, the team photographed more than 50 of today’s most inspiring designers and creatives, from James Victore to Jessica Walsh to Chip Kidd to Eddie Opara to Michael Bierut to Maira Kalman to Emily Oberman to, well, everyone featured below.

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The Storytellers: Rodrigo Corral, Sophie Blackall, Oliver Jeffers, Kelli Anderson.

The Wordsmiths (plus an imposter editor): Jonathan Hoefler, Zachary Petit, Stephen Doyle, Matteo Bologna.

Tie-ing Matteo.

The Wordsmiths. Doyle rode to the shoot on his bike, “S” and all.

The Legends: Chee Pearlman, Michael Bierut, Paola Antonelli and Seymour Chwast.

The Legends reviewing a rather legendary shot.

Chip Kidd comes prepared.

Cover potential?

Liz Danzico’s Vizsla, Penny, at call time.

Su Mathews Hale’s pup.

Debbie Millman and photographer Brent Taylor at work.

Mauro Porcini with a miniature of his pink lion, alongside William Lunderman’s hat.

The pink lion.

Joshua Davis blowing minds, followed by Joshua Davis clowning around with his daughter (to her choice of music):

Tobias Van Schneider, Grace Bonney, Tina and Ryan Essmaker.

Grace Bonney and Zachary Petit.

Steven Heller and Louise Fili. 

Malcontent Mark Kingsley’s set of seven books that have influenced him.

Brent Taylor, Rear Window.

Photographing The Tycoons.

Timothy Goodman giving Debbie Millman and Brent Taylor a sneak peak at his new project with Jessica Walsh, 12 Kinds of Kindness.

Cowboy James Victore.

Debbie Millman and James Victore.

Karim Rashid and Debbie Millman.

Double Rainbow rings in the end of the shoot.

Wrap! Standing: Ana Emiliano, Nicolae Rita, Lilia Cretcher. Seated: Zachary Petit, Debbie Millman, Brent Taylor.


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