• Chloe Gordon

How Can the Next Generation of Drinkers Take Control of Their Emotions & Get Into the Zone?

Hangxiety, according to the distinguished Urban Dictionary, is "The feeling of overwhelming guilt, stress, and worry you experience the day after a drinking binge."

Unfortunately, those familiar with alcohol are most likely familiar with the feeling of hangxiety. Zone is a beverage helping tackle the overwhelming feelings by giving the world of drinkers a beverage that's alcohol-free yet full of flavors and CBD infusion for relaxation.

The branding for Zone, designed by Our Creative , was intended to promote escapism through the visuals, packaging, and social imagery. The ethereal colors also help bring the consumers to a place of peaceful-mindedness and the almost otherwordly typography. Hangxiety no more.

Introducing Zone, a bold, mindful and unapologetic drink that puts ‘Mind Thirst’ above all else. These low calorie, zero ABV drinks are made from sparkling water and a heady mix of sophisticated and interesting flavour notes. Specialist ingredients have been expertly chosen to transport you to three distinct ‘mindful’ zones. Each ZONE provides a drinking experience that offers just as much taste as their alcoholic counterparts but without the negative effects. ⠀

Project Credits

OurCreative | @ouTrcreatives