• Steven Heller

Parting With A Lifetime’s Collection

The deadline for the Regional Design Awards has been extended, but only until April 30. Your judges: Sagi Haviv, Rebeca Méndez, Nancy Skolos, Alexander Isley, Chad Michael, Gail Anderson and Justin Peters. Enter today.

A new film, How To Steal A Chair, follows 72-year-old Greek designer Stergios Delialis as he realizes he has become a ghost in his own life. He contemplates parting with his beloved collection of design artifacts as he undertakes to produce a retrospective of his own design work in the building that once housed his lost museum.

Delialis, designer, collector and educator, founder of the Design Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece and member of the Red Creative. Since 1996, he has also taught graphic design at Athens College, the International Hellenic University and the Applied Art Studies (AAS) College of Thessaloniki. This film documents how he has become buried under the weight of his lost dream: the Thessaloniki Design Museum, which made an international splash and then died a slow and peculiar death in the 1990s. He is also buried under the weight of his enormous design collection, once the core of his museum and now defunct and too costly to maintain amidst the financial crisis.

Directed Konstatntinos Kambouroglou (and Viktor Koen associate producer) How To Steal A Chair will premiere in NYC at MOMA on May 7. See the trailer.

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