• Jessica Farris

18 Illustrated Quotes by Seymour Chwast

A living legend, Seymour Chwast is one of the founding members of the iconic Push Pin Studios in 1954, along with Milton Glaser and Edward Sorel. His revolutionary design work from the 1960s and ’70s redefined the world of art and design, and his illustrated quotes have graced the pages—and webpages—of PRINT for many years.

These days, Chwast has been hard at work on a new book, At War with War, currently being funded on Kickstarter. The book will feature an array of insights focusing on Chwast’s powerful anti-war images, which have been a personal obsession of his for nearly six decades.  By the way, the rewards for funding the Kickstarter are awesome, including vintage periodicals, books by Chwast, original typographic drawings and prints, rare signed posters, and, of course, the book itself.

Chwast has created literally hundreds of illustrated renditions of historical quotes for our magazine and our website, including his “Last Word” series that concludes each issue of PRINT and his long-running web series, Chwast’s Quote. Chwast’s illustrated quotes have included insights from the likes of Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, and many, many more. Explore some of our favorites below:

Illustrated quotes by Seymour Chwast:

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