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Image of the Day Archive, March 2012

Creative Review breaks the announcement of a new Pentagram partner. Marina Willer, formerly a creative director at Wolff Olins, will join the London office of Pentagram. Shown here is her work for Southbank Center, a 2007 project also creative directed by Brian Boylan at Wolff Olins.

File under “why didn’t I think of that?”: Debris, a new Tumblr which features failed design explorations pushed off the side of the artboard. Shown here: “Fredrik Broden Photography branding by Tom.” Via Quips.

Street artist RETNA created this massive mural on Houston and Bowery over the weekend related to his first major NYC solo show. More images at Gothamist.

One of the 7 photos for the 7 editions of Stanley: The Open Question Magazine by Katrin Schacke. Read her NVA profile here.

Gig poster for Sonic Youth, designed by The Small Stakes. Via Gig Posters.

Poster for Junior Boys at Stodoła, in Warsaw, Poland. Design by Dawid Ryski (Talkseek).

How the super-rich avoid taxes, illustration for the New Yorker by Christoph Niemann.

Packaging for Compass Box Peat Monster Whiskey by Best Typography in the World Whiskies Design Awards, a competition we were previously unaware of, but now regard as the MOST IMPORTANT DESIGN COMPETITION EVER.

Poster for Death by Audio’s 5th anniversary show, happening this Saturday at eponymous venue. Design by Joe Jurewicz.

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