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Inspired by TeePees

The perfect design

Teepee on the road I grew up on by Lake Vera, Nevada City, CA

HWY 49 passing by Nevada City on the way to Tahoe

A while back I stayed in a teepee while on vacation and it was the best sleep I have ever had. I could have just been really tired which would not be crazy but I like to believe it was the sleeping vessel. I was thrilled when an upcoming project was to make one for Levis. I found so many amazing photographs and designs of teepees during the research process:

Teepees lined up during the Siksika Pow Wow held in Alberta, Canada

Luxury Wifi TeePees in The Yukon

These luxury teepees are one of the few options available from Perfect Earth Tours – other options including their spa and log cabins. Satellite radio and wireless internet access are too fancy for me on a camping trip but great for SOMEONE for sure. Each teepee has their very own personal “outhouse”, seriously.

Comanche Nation Housing

Haa Maruawe (Welcome)”

Mission Statement for Comanche Nation Housing Authority:

The Comanche Nation Housing Authority (CNHA) is committed to providing affordable, safe, and decent housing, while promoting self-sufficiency through employment, education and economic stability to income eligible Native American families, with preference given to enrolled Comanche Tribal members.

Civil War family, Pioneer Park, Nevada City

I went to the civil war reenactment (a first for me) and was blown away, of course not by teepees but you can see why they got me thinking. I think these folks travel and do this year-round, whoa. I couldn’t even get a smile, they wouldn’t break character even though they were standing in the same park we used to have the children’s festival in every year, they were standing right where the wizard stood (DAD) when I was 7.

Sitzer family 1980ish, children's festival Nevada City, CA

Which brings me to the humble little teepee we made for Levis. We carved, widdled and stained the wood for the posts. I was just reminded that at one point we were even using a steak knife to get the right texture in the wood (I don’t suggest this). Then wrapped them together with leather straps. Tea stained the fabric to age it and then took it all apart to get it into the van and reinstall it in the store.

I highly suggest finding one to sleep in sometime (make sure there is a dream catcher inside).

Not suggesting you listen to the music on this video, play it to Black Sabbath or something.

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