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The i(Pads) Have It

I can shop, pay bills, write, search for information, send queries, download a book, download music, read a book, listen to music, find out what’s going on in the world, spy on a favorite celebrity’s location, find out why I have a pain in my leg, determine if I am dying of a little known disease, watch a movie and much, much more. It has become the center of my universe. And, people like me are open and willing to receiving information on my iPad, anytime, anywhere, as long as I don’t have to leave the couch.

In 2011, I attended a digital media conference and saw some of the work that The

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Murdoch had also spent an initial $30 million on the project that was costing $500,000 weekly. During the 2011 press conference, The Daily demonstrated the app’s 360 degree image technology, high-definition videos, a shuffle button for unread stories (up to 100 pages of new content would be produced daily), an audio button for a news anchor to read the stories to you and even the ability to record comments. The Daily launched in February 2011 and ended its run in December 2012, but the insight Kilpatrick brings in this tutorial into building power apps for the consumer market is unique and time well spent.

Brian Wood is a web developer, an Adobe-certified instructor in Acrobat X Pro, Illustrator CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, the author of 8 books including Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book, Adobe Muse Classroom in a

I have taken this course –  Designing for iPads with InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite OnDemand Design Tutorial – and I learned a lot.

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I hope you get a chance to take advantage of these tutorials or others. There is a great selection. Interaction is the key to engagement and even if you aren’t currently creating these kinds of projects, I can assure you, it’s in your future.

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