• Zachary Petit

Jessica Hische and Adé Hogue Rally the Creative Community Behind Biden and Harris

For those who are not MAGA hat aficionados, the call to action on our networks is robust and omnipresent: Vote!

But among all those vital cries from the left, illustrator, artist and author Jessica Hische noticed a bit of a branding problem.

“Few of those posts mention the candidates by name,” she writes. “It’s somewhat implied that if you’re promoting voting or voting rights that you’re likely voting Biden and encouraging a Biden vote, but it’s not explicit. There’s an ‘I guess I’ll vote for him if I have to’ vibe throughout leftist social media, but exasperated resignation doesn’t get people to the polls.”

Facing down a candidate whose name is now synonymous with the Republican platform, Hische decided to do something about it.

With the phrase “Rise Up, Show Up, Unite!” in mind, she approached Adé Hogue, and the two were soon devising a full-fledged design campaign aimed at giving progressives some name recognition to rally around.

Adé Hogue

More than 20 initial artists signed on, and today the team launched a series of images focused on lifting up Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—and getting people talking about them out loud, too.

“As artists with large online followings, we feel a responsibility to use our platforms to help causes we believe in and try to bring positive change to the world when possible—even if that means losing a few followers along the way,” Hische writes. “There’s a lot of criticism surrounding ‘design challenges’ for important issues, but I really do believe that a huge show of visible support within the creative community can help change the collective energy around the election.”

To that end, Hische and Hogue are asking the community to join them in flooding their digital feeds with messages of support for a better tomorrow for all.

Check out some of the work below—and to get involved, share it on social media with the hashtag #riseupshowupunite, or create your own image with the phrase. Hische and Hogue provide a Biden/Harris logo template here to help you get started.

We join them in saying: Rise Up, Show Up, Unite!

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Jessica Hische

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